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Reaching more candidates than ever before

Autumn advertising!

Autumn represents a key period in the recruitment cycle as staff return to work following their summer holidays. The post-summer blues can be a difficult feeling for many to overcome and with this comes the ideal time to present professionals with new exciting job opportunities. With this in mind, we will be targeting job hunters as they work, shop and play in towns and cities all over the UK to help drive new CV registrations and job applications for our clients. Our advertising can be found at major commuter hot spots across rail and roadside.

  • Bus Shelters
  • Rail
  • London Underground
  • On-board train advertising
  • Large format roadside

Radio Campaigns

We regularly run high impact campaigns throughout the year. During each campaign, our advert is heard millions of times, and reaches approximately 21 million listeners during popular breakfast and drive time shows. Some of the UK's leading stations air the advert, including Kiss, Capital, Magic, Heart, Smooth and Absolute, as well as key regional stations across the country.

Roadside advertising

As people spend more time out of home than ever before, becoming harder to reach through other media, advertising on the UK's busiest arterial routes and in the heart of town centres offers an ideal way to target the mobile audience.

  • Liverpool ABC Cinema
  • The Mile, Leeds
  • Spaghetti Gateway, Birmingham
  • Roadside D48s
  • The Marylebone Tower, London
  • Mancunian Junction, Manchester
  • M6, West Midlands
  • M5 Tower, West Midlands
  • The M4 Torch, London
  • Liverpool Towers
  • The A40 Spire, London
  • A38 Aston Expressway, Birmingham
  • Two Towers West, London
  • Two Towers East, London
  • North London Towers
  • M25 12 lanes
  • Trafford Tower, Manchester
  • Trafford Arch, Manchester
  • Bus shelters
  • Digital bus shelters, London
  • Liverpool Castle Street

Rail advertising

Rail travel is hitting record levels, with 20% more rail services running compared to 10 years ago. CV-Library regularly targets this growing commuter audience on train lines and station platforms throughout the UK.

  • Digital escalator panels
  • London Underground 6 sheets
  • London Underground 48 sheets
  • London Underground 96 sheets
  • London Waterloo landmark
  • National Rail 6 sheets
  • National Rail digital panels
  • Train carriage panels

Airport advertising

Whether it's the latest issue of an inflight magazine, a poster at the airport, train station or a landmark site in baggage reclaim, CV-Library continues to advertise to candidates returning from their latest holiday or business trip. Airports include Gatwick, Luton, Manchester and Birmingham.

  • Manchester Airport, T3
  • Birmingham Airport

Miscellaneous advertising

Be it work, shop or play, CV-Library continues to diversify its presence by regularly undertaking new forms of advertising to increase brand exposure and drive even more candidate registrations and applications.

  • Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham
  • Bus supersides
  • Gym 6 sheets
  • HD digital taxis
  • Coffee cups & sandwich bags
Other CV-Library advertising activity

Online advertising

Being an online business, CV-Library uses a multitude of online banners, adverts, publications, platforms and social media to drive the high levels of online traffic required to keep our site as effective as it is.

A selection of our regular partners is shown below, but we are constantly looking for and taking new opportunities with key industry and lifestyle publications.

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Criteo
  • Sky Media ads
  • Yahoo Gemini ads
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