How to turn your job into a career

Finding a suitable career path is a tricky task. You may treat your existing role as a stepping stone to your next job, or a step closer to securing your dream career. But what if your dream job lies with your current employer and you’re only just realising it?

Turning your job into a career is simple enough, so long as you apply yourself and make the correct behavioural adjustments. But that still raises the question; how do I turn my job into a career? Here’s a few pointers for you to make this transition easier.

Change your mindset

Your mindset can often be the biggest factor in holding you back from turning your job into a career. Without the correct attitude to your job, you’ll really struggle to forge a career out of it. Let alone enjoy your work!

When you start to treat your existing job as a career and not just as a stepping stone, that’s when opportunities will start to open for you. Once you become loyal to your company, your employer will notice this and reward you with more responsibilities and possibilities for progression.

Be positive in your outlook. Take on each task and project with confidence and change your perspective about where your next stop will be. Why can’t your current job be your final stop?

Go the extra mile

Could you be doing more at work? For example, helping a colleague who’s stuck on a task you’re proficiently skilled at. Picking up extra tasks from your employer when you’ve got an hour to spare. These are just a few ways you can be proactive at work.

This’ll go a long way to proving to your manager and colleagues that you’re passionate about what you do. In turn, you’ll earn more respect amongst your peers. It’s also an excellent way to help boost productivity in the company, setting an example for others to follow and helping to make you indispensable at work.

Seek a promotion or pay rise

You may have counted yourself out of the last promotion opportunity. Maybe you weren’t fussed, or thought you weren’t the right person for the job.

If you’re serious about turning your job into a career, you need to stop doubting yourself and take these opportunities by the horns. You never know, this next promotion opportunity could be the last one for the next year.

What’s more, you should be more assertive in asking for a pay rise. While it isn’t all about money, you should be rewarded for your loyalty to the company and your progression. And if it’s well deserved, your employer will be open to giving you one.

Set yourself yearly targets

While you probably already have annual targets set by your manager to measure your success, why not set targets for yourself alongside these.

These can be more personal to what you want to achieve in the next year. For example, going for that promotion that you didn’t put yourself forward for last year, securing a pay rise, or learning a new skill. Working towards longer term targets instead of just weekly or monthly suggests you’re thinking more towards the future and you’re in it for the long-run.

Build rapport with your colleagues and manager

Building a strong working relationship with your colleagues and manager is a big step towards forging a career from your current job. If you’re planning on staying for the long-haul, working efficiently with your colleagues is vital – you can’t do it all on your own!

It may be something as simple as bouncing an idea off your desk-mate or scheduling a meeting with your manager to set up targets for the week to come. Networking at work and creating contacts and relationships is key.

Enjoy what you do

As with any job, enjoyment is a massive factor. And for your career, a job you’ll do for a large chunk of your life, this is a necessity.

If you aren’t enjoying your job, talk to your employer about changing up your day-to-day routine. You might be able to take on new projects and learn how to complete certain tasks. Learning new skills can be refreshing and can help to remind you why you loved this job to begin with.

If this unhappiness persists, you may have to consider moving on for the sake of your career.

Are you ready to turn your job into a career?

Whether you have a job in administration or transport and logistics, your career path could be right under your nose. When deciding if your existing job offers you the correct opportunities to even think about turning it into a career, you must first consider; the career advancement opportunities, if you enjoy what you do, the pay and whether you can work efficiently with your colleagues.

Once you’ve considered all these factors, you can start putting plans into action to turn your job into a career. Remember to show initiative, build a rapport with your colleagues, set targets and don’t count yourself out for that next promotion!

So, with the following tips and tricks in mind, are you ready to turn your job into a career?

James Cragg

About James Cragg

James is a PR & Communications professional. After earning his degree in Journalism at the University of Brighton, James has been in PR ever since. He enjoys writing about new topics on a regular basis.

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