How to get a Christmas job

Christmas is fast approaching, seasonal TV adverts have been unleashed on the nation and Michael Bublé is already working on his Christmas number one. While the festive feeling is great, it can also be an expensive time of year for many of us.

As such, many professionals will be looking to land themselves a seasonal role to make some extra cash. Sound familiar? Well, if you want a job this Christmas, you need to get the snow ball rolling soon, as many employers have already begun hiring seasonal help!

But don’t panic, it’s not too late, just be sure to follow our top tips below and you’ll land yourself a Christmas job in no time.

Don’t leave it until the last minute

It’s now mid-November so you really need to get in there quickly if you hope to secure yourself a seasonal role. Employers want to find staff early to ensure they have enough workers in the run up to Christmas.

So don’t delay your search any longer – you need to be proactive to find an opportunity, so get started right away.

Know what seasonal role you’re looking for

There’s so many Christmas jobs to choose from, including retail work, delivery driving and working in bars, pubs or at hotels. If you don’t mind where you work, it’ll be easier to find more opportunities.

Consider what skills you have to offer different industries. For example, if you’re a people person retail work could be for you. Also think about what days or hours you have available. If you want to work evenings but have time off during the day, working in a pub could be a great option.

Making these decisions will help you narrow down your search and find the right role for you.

Understand the skills and qualities employers want

It’s a busy time of year and these roles can be quite competitive, so you need to show that you have the skills employers want. You’ll need to be a quick learner and keen to pick up new tasks. In addition, you’ll need good time management skills to be able to work in a challenging and fast-paced work environment.

If this sounds like a lot, don’t fear. Employers just want to see that you have a good attitude and are willing to get involved, learn and work hard!

Companies will also need people who can be flexible at this time of year. It’s better if you’re open to working different hours – unfortunately, this might mean working early mornings or putting in late shifts. You might even have to be open to the possibility of working Christmas Eve or Boxing Day.

Create the perfect Christmas CV

A well-written CV that highlights your skills can be the difference between making the shortlist or having your application put into the ‘no’ pile. So you need to put some time into ensuring yours is the best it can be.

Be sure to show you have the essential skills above (flexibility, time management and a quick learner). To do this, demonstrate that you have a strong set of transferable skills. Then, highlight how you have used these key skills in the past, whether that’s in a previous job, volunteering or during your studies.

What’s more, don’t forget the golden rule when it comes to writing a CV. Always tailor it for the job and industry you’re applying to. This means you need to demonstrate how you meet the requirements of the role and be specific about the company.

For example, if you’re applying for a job in retail, you need to highlight that you have great customer service skills, as this is important in that industry. Our top tip? Look at the skills the employer has asked for on the job description and pepper these throughout your CV (only if you have them of course!).

Don’t forget smaller businesses

While big companies often hire a large amount of seasonal workers (and you should definitely look at these) don’t forget about the smaller local businesses too. They will also be facing a December rush and may need a helping hand for a few weeks.

So why not go into your local shops or pubs with a CV and ask about any vacancies they may have. Some may not even be advertised, but they might consider hiring the right person.

Reach out to connections and contacts

Ever heard the saying – it’s not what you know but who you know? This can often be true, especially in the world of work. So reach out to your connections and ask your friends if there’s any roles going at their companies.

Tell as many people as you can that you’re looking for a Christmas role – whether that’s your hairdresser or aunt. If they don’t have anything to offer, they may well know someone that does.

What’s more, make sure you reach out to acquaintances that work in retail or hospitality. You could drop them a message to ask about any open positions. This could benefit them as well as you, because some companies offer referral bonuses for recommending a friend.

Are you ready to land a Christmas job?

Now you’ve perfected your CV and know how to find a Christmas job, you’re officially ready to join Santa’s workforce. So why not register your CV with CV-Library today, so you can apply for the latest opportunities.

About Alice Greedus

As a literature graduate and PR professional, Alice loves anything that involves reading, writing and being creative. She also is a chocoholic at heart, which means lots of post-work trips to the gym!

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