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5 signs you need a new job this New Year

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘New Year, new me’. Some of you may even adopt this mantra each January, setting yourself new goals for the year ahead.  Because of this, January is usually a busy time for recruitment, with many professionals vowing to find themselves a new job.

You might have already begun to get excited about what a new year will bring for you. But if you’re unsure as to whether it’s time to make your next career move, let us help you out.

Below, we’ll discuss the five tell-tale signs that it’s time you find yourself a new job for 2019.

1. You spend Sunday feeling miserable

Do you live for the weekend? Are you counting down the seconds every Friday until you can clock off and leave the office behind? If so, this could be a sign that it’s time to look for a new job.

It’s understandable that every now and then you might come down with a case of the Sunday blues. But if you find yourself filled with anxiety and stress every Sunday night, as you regrettably set your alarm for Monday morning, this is a sure fire sign something is wrong.

Work can be stressful at times, but ultimately, you should enjoy what you do. You certainly shouldn’t dread going in every day. So if this sounds familiar, it might be time to update your CV and get ready for the job hunt.

2. You don’t care anymore

You show up to work every day, you’re there in person – but are you there in spirit? If you find that you’re no long excited by your job, in fact, you no longer care about it at all, then it’s definitely time to look for a new role.

You should be excited by what you do, even if there are stressful times every now and then. If you’ve found yourself being swallowed by apathy and doing the bare minimum just to keep your head above water, the job is no longer right for you.

3. It’s negatively impacting your health

Something that’s become increasingly important to professionals and employers alike is the mental wellbeing of staff. For example, some businesses are now offering mental health days, which enable their employees to take days out if they need some time to recharge.

This new initiative is beneficial to both parties. Professionals need to look after their own health, but employers need to support this. Otherwise they risk staff taking time out, becoming less productive, or potentially even leaving the business.

If your current role is causing you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or depressed, it might be time to go elsewhere. After all, work is a huge part of our lives and you can’t let it have a negative impact on your health.

Instead, look elsewhere for a company that supports its team, encourages work-life balance and even offers mental health days.

4. You’re not progressing

In your career, you should always be learning new skills and have a clear idea of where your job is going. If the answer to that is nowhere, then it could be time to make the move.

If you’ve found yourself in the same position for the past few years, receiving little training or support, it’s clear your employer doesn’t care about your development.

Don’t just sit by in the hopes that this will change. Instead, look for a company that offers great training and development programmes and clearly outlines where your role is going.

5. You don’t get on with anyone at work

You don’t have to be best friends with your colleagues. But it’s important that you get along. After all, you spend every day together at work! If you find that you dislike most of the people in your office, or talking to your co-workers feels like a chore, it’ll make every working day feel difficult.

It could be because you are no longer invested in the company. It could be that your colleagues are particularly difficult. Either way, this is a sign that it might be a good idea to look elsewhere, for a business that offers great company culture and a friendly team.

Is it time you looked for a new job?

If you recognise one or more of the signs above, it could be time to make your next career move. And what better time to start than in the New Year! Why not kick off 2019 with an exciting new role. Start your search today and browse thousands of live vacancies, today.

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