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5 tips to staying positive while looking for work

Looking for work can be a stressful and worrying time for people. However, it’s important not to let looking for work fully consume you or make it question your self-worth. Here are our five tips to ensure this doesn’t happen and to help you stay positive while looking for work. 

1. Know your self-worth

You are a worthy person and deserve good things in life. Know that this is true regardless of the type of work you do. Detach your self-worth from your job title and earnings. You aren’t any better or worse than people depending on how much income you earn or how high up in the company you rank. Or how long it takes you to find a job. So, avoid comparing yourself to others. 

Have respect for yourself while you are looking for work and don’t let any difficult parts of the journey make you doubt yourself. Regardless of what happens with work, you are a worthy person and don’t forget that. 

2. Keep a positive mind-set

Your mind-set alters the way you feel about looking for work. If you’re feeding yourself negative thoughts like ‘I’ll never find a good job’, or ‘I don’t deserve the job of my dreams’, then that’s what will happen. Focusing on the negative won’t bring a positive result. 

So, keep a positive mind-set and reassure yourself that everything will work out. Think of what you’d say to a best friend looking for work. Then, tell yourself those encouraging words. Keep that inner voice encouraging and positive.

3. Take time for self-care

Taking care of yourself is critical to your happiness and physical well-being. Too often, we put our self aside to care for others, focus on our career, or finding work. That can lead to feeling run down, both mentally and physically.  

So, take time to recharge and take care of yourself. Self-care includes things like eating healthy and saying no to situations, things and people that draw you away from yourself.  

Self-care is holding yourself with respect and not allowing yourself to be overworked or worried. Step back from, or change, the things that upset you. Feed your body, mind and soul with good food and good positive thoughts. 

4. Set boundaries

When we focus on one thing, it can quickly become all encompassing. This can happen when looking for work, especially if we don’t put some time limits and set boundaries for our self. Of course, it’s important to spend plenty of time networking, applying and searching for jobs, but it’s also important to have time off to re charge and relax.  

So, don’t take advantage of yourself by over working or over worrying yourself. Set some boundaries for yourself and stick with them. Allocate some time to yourself and make sure you aren’t constantly thinking or focusing on looking for work. 

5. See this as an opportunity

Embrace looking for work as if you chose it (whether you did or not). Embracing the present moment as if you chose it will help you to be content with where you are right now. Right now holds so many possibilities and opportunities. Rather than fighting against it or wishing you were in the past or future, embrace right now and make the most of it. 

If you have some spare time, you can use it to do things you have been putting off, or to volunteer. Look to the bright side, be productive, and see this time as a wonderful opportunity. 

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About the author: Becky is the author and creator of Cuddle Fairy, a parenting and lifestyle blog that focuses on positivity. Becky writes about family travels, parenting, positive quotes and much, much more. She is a wife and mother of three kiddies.  

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