customer service advisor

How to become a customer service advisor

As a Customer Service Advisor (CSA), you’ll work to bring first-class customer service to everyone that you deal with. Some CSAs will spend most of their day on the phone, advising and helping customers, while other CSAs will work with customers face-to-face. This is a fast-paced job role, where you’ll effectively handle customer queries, as well as managing issues and complaints.

Average salary

£12,000 – £20,000

Required qualifications

No mandatory qualifications are required to work as a Customer Service Advisor, however, GCSEs in Maths and English are normally sought. A Level 2 or 3 NVQ qualification in Customer Service can also give you the edge in an interview, but they are not compulsory for the job role.

Key skills

  • Strong communicator, both verbal and written
  • Strong IT / English capabilities
  • Ability to think on your feet
  • Happy working as part of a team
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Ability to tactfully manage difficult situations

Useful work experience

As with any industry, having experience will always give you the upper hand; however, the good news is that it’s often simple enough to become a CSA without any previous experience. If you can demonstrate that you have strong communication skills and can work well with others, you’ll likely stand a good chance at landing the job

A typical working day

As a CSA, you’ll spend your working hours dealing with a variety of customers, meaning that the role is fast-paced, and every day is different. The hours you’ll work will depend on the company you work for; it could be a standard 9-5.30 office job, you could work in shifts, or you could work on evenings and at the weekend.

However, regardless of the hours you work, there will usually be general responsibilities, such as:

  • Offering top-quality customer service to each customer, with a positive, can-do attitude
  • Dealing with customer queries by offering professional and informative advice
  • Handling transactions for products or services provided
  • Demonstrating a sound knowledge of all services and products offered by the company
  • Calmly and effectively dealing with customer complaints and issues
  • Working as part of a team to go above and beyond, ensuring customer satisfaction

Where could you be in five years’ time?

Working as a Customer Service Advisor is a key stepping stone to an exciting career in Customer Service. As you gain more experience and grow in your career, you could find yourself becoming a Team Leader, followed by a Supervisory role. Eventually, you could grow into a Managerial position, where you’d have the opportunity to manage an entire department.

Best part of the job…

The role is hugely varied, and you’ll be interacting and dealing with different customers every day. You’ll have the opportunity to learn on the job and really progress your career. Many of the skills you’ll learn in this job are transferable, meaning you’ll be able to work in a host of different industries.

What to prepare for…

While you’ll spend much of your day helping customers and ensuring they have a positive experience, there will also be times when you have to deal with unhappy and angry customers. The issue may not be your fault, but you’ll have to be able to handle these often stressful situations calmly and patiently.

Key qualities

Working as a Customer Service Advisor will require you to be friendly, approachable, and patient, with the ability to deal with people in a positive and calm way. You’ll be happy working as part of a team, and you’ll be confident and open-minded when dealing with any issues. You’ll also need to be motivated, with a can-do attitude.


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