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How to become a marketing executive

As a Marketing Executive, you’ll work to effectively promote a brand’s product or service to its core target audience. Marketing Executives are responsible for developing and implementing new campaigns, while using market research and analysis to ensure success; the role is varied and fast-paced, providing an exciting challenge in this competitive sector.

Average salary

£18,000 – £25,000 (dependant on experience and location)

Required qualifications

You don’t need any mandatory qualifications to work as a Marketing Executive. However, employers normally seek a number of degrees and industry certificates. In fact, a degree in Marketing, Communications, Business (and sometimes Psychology) can give you the edge in an interview.

For those that don’t hold a relevant degree, a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) qualification is useful and places candidates in a much stronger position.

Key skills

You need a range of key sector skills, and transferable skills to become a successful marketing specialist. For example, you will need to be:

  • Highly organised
  • Analytical
  • A strong communicator, both verbal and written
  • Have strong English &  IT capabilities
  • Good at negotiation or learn the skills
  • Commercially aware
  • Able to work well under pressure
  • Able to meet tight deadlines

Useful work experience

Experience will always give you the upper hand, especially if you’re starting out in the industry. Therefore, if you want to become a Marketing Executive, it’s advisable to have some practical work experience under your belt. For example, this might involve a summer placement or an internship, or even unpaid voluntary work.

A typical working day…

The role of a Marketing Executive is fast-paced and varied, meaning that each day is different. The job will generally be advertised as a 9-5:30 office-based role, and will include general responsibilities such as:

– Analysing competitor activity
– Contributing to and developing new campaigns
– Investigating gaps in the market and customer opinion
– Conducting consumer research and analysis
– Attending meetings or events
– Writing copy for marketing collateral, such as flyers, brochures, adverts and emails
– Developing briefs for other teams (such as design)
– Providing creative input on design projects
– Monitoring and recording campaign spend

Where could you be in five years’ time?

Working as a Marketing Executive is a key stepping stone to an exciting career in Marketing. In fact, in five years’ time, you could expect to be working as a Marketing Manager; in this industry, promotion is very closely linked to experience gained and skills developed. Once you’ve made the jump to Marketing Manager, you could expect to become a Marketing Director in a further five to ten years.

Best part of the job…

The role is hugely varied and contains many different elements of the marketing mix. Different campaigns mean that you’ll constantly be working on new projects, tapping into a range of skills and developing new ideas.

What to be prepared for…

While most companies will advertise their jobs as 9-5:30, you may have to work longer hours. If a campaign launch is imminent, or you’re gearing up for a new product launch, you may have to stay later in the evenings or work weekends, and under tight deadlines.

Key qualities

Working as a Marketing Executive will require you to be creative, outgoing and organised, with the ability to build positive relationships with clients and colleagues. You’ll work as part of a team, and independently, and you’ll need to be confident pitching in your ideas, as well as negotiating with customers.

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