Your top 10 job search struggles (as told by GIFs)

It seems the struggle is real when it comes to looking for a new job.
Our latest research has found that 62.7% of UK workers dislike job hunting, with this figure rising to 69.9% amongst 18–24 year olds.

To help you out, here are your top 10 job search struggles (as told by GIFs) with some tips to help you keep your cool.

Lack of response from recruiters


A whopping 56.9% of you ranked a lack of response from recruiters as your biggest job search struggle.

But recruiters handle hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applications at a time and so it can be difficult to respond to every single one. Therefore if you haven’t heard from them at all about your application, assume you’ve been unsuccessful. However, there’s absolutely no harm in chasing it a timely manner by calling or emailing the hiring department, especially if the recruiter has already touched base.

Long application processes


48.8% of you told us that long application processes were your biggest nightmares. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get around this one, but rest assured it’s to ensure you’ll be chosen for jobs you’re most suitable for.

Tailoring your CV and cover letter for different roles


Tailoring your CV and cover letter is a stress-inducer for 30.2% of you job hunters. However, it’s also the best way to stand out from your competition. Find out how easy it is to tailor your CV right here.

Finding a role in your local area


We’re sorry we can’t move the jobs closer to you, especially as finding a job in the local area is a job search bugbear for 20% of you.

Why not try making your job search even more specific by using Boolean techniques? That way you can be sure you’re not missing out on any jobs.

Vague updates from the recruiter


For 17% of you, vague updates from recruiters are your biggest job search struggle. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for recruiters to give accurate feedback when there are several candidates interviewing for one role.

However, if you’re unhappy with the vagueness, perhaps it’s a sign that the job wasn’t meant for you, and you’re best looking elsewhere.

Being turned down at the final stage


Being turned down at the final stage was a bug bear for 14.4% of you – and we can’t blame you. Bear in mind that this is sometimes unavoidable as there is only one position and sometimes hundreds of candidates.

Check out some of our interview tips to help you stand out above the competition.

Finding a role suited to your skill set


Another job search struggle causing cold sweats across the country for 13.4% of you is finding a role suited to your skill set. As listed above, a Boolean search will be your best bet here, especially when using a job board as it will pick out keywords in the entire job description, not just the title.

Finding a role that meets your needs


12.4% of you said that finding a role that meets your needs is a job search nightmare. Unfortunately, not every job is going to be perfect for you. Therefore, we suggest taking your job search with a pinch of salt and applying for roles that are a good match, rather than a perfect match.

You never know, you might be able to get what you need when it comes to negotiating the offer.

Being hassled by recruiters


10.1% of you hate hassle from recruiters. We completely appreciate the stress of talking to a recruiter every five minutes, especially when you’d rather carry out your search yourself – but recruiters actually increase your chances of successfully getting a job. Therefore, they’re a huge asset to your search.

Having to attend interviews


3.5% of you abhor going to interviews – but unfortunately they’re an essential part of the job hunting processes. While interviews can be nerve-wracking, there’s no reason they can’t be a somewhat pleasant experience, especially if you’ve prepared properly.

If you’re stressing out about your job search, you’re not alone. Take a look at our expert tips from our getting started section to help ease your struggles.

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