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Where to look for a summer job

If you’re just coming up to the end of your studies and need some income or you’re just looking to earn some extra pennies, taking up a summer job could be the ideal path for you. Since employees are away on holiday, there are often more jobs available during the summer months. In addition, due to the warmer season and the general peak in public activity, there is a higher demand for extra staff, too.

Why get a summer job?

If you’re not sure about getting a summer job and would rather spend your days tanning your pins, be aware that there are plenty of benefits to having a seasonal role. For example, if you’re a recent graduate and are looking for a step on the career ladder, a summer job can offer promising prospects.

In addition, a summer job enable you to learn and develop your skill set which may help you accelerate towards your ideal profession. You never know, your summer job might even turn into a long-term part-time contract which you can fit in alongside your studies and other responsibilities.

As a result, we’re here to discuss the most popular part-time summer jobs going and reveal where you should be looking for a summer job. See which ones spike your interest!


If you’re a student, it’s likely you already know that retail is a goldmine for summer jobs. You should consider looking for a role in retail because not only are vacancies easy to find, but the hours can be pretty flexible, too. Also, you might find there are more opportunities to work as more full-time employees take their annual holiday. Therefore, retail is perfect if you want to soak up some summer sun and earn some extra money!


Anyone else tempted by a frappuccino when the warm weather hits? Especially when they’re inspired by unicorns! Due to the demand for these cooling, colourful beverages, barista jobs are everywhere when summer hits, at chain and independent cafes alike.

Not only does barista work offer the opportunity to earn some extra cash, it provides a platform to work on your customer services skills, too.  Also, the ability to remember the difference between a cappuccino and a latte and the combinations of every individual order is a unique skill set difficult to replicate anywhere else!

Music festival steward

The summer months also bring about a hectic festival season. But before you chuck £200 at a ticket, why not consider volunteering at a festival? Once you’ve clocked off for the day, you’ll be able to lounge around watch all your favourite bands for free, so while you won’t be paid, that’s still a benefit you can’t ignore.

While many festivals recruit volunteers to clear litter and hand out wristbands, there are plenty of paid opportunities such as selling merchandise, first aiding and admin and enquiry duties.


During the summer months there’s a high demand for lifeguards due to the increase in public activity. To become a lifeguard, you do need a National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ). However, they don’t cost much and usually take around a week to complete. Plus, once you have your qualification you can work anywhere across the country as a lifeguard and your certification will last two years, meaning you can continue working even when summer has passed.

Many lifeguarding roles are located indoors at leisure centres and gyms. However, you might find yourself working outside at lidos and theme parks, so you’ll still get to enjoy the summer sun when it decides to shine!

While lifeguarding seems like the ultimate chill out since it involves sitting all day by the poolside, remember that it’s a serious summer job and that you are responsible for peoples’ safety. If you’re up to a challenge such as this, lifeguarding is a summer job that can’t be ignored, especially with flexible hours and zero-hour contracts.


When summer hits not only do we invest heavily in alfresco dining, but the holiday season lends itself to eating out and about generally – after all, while you’re on holiday, why not treat yourself? As a result of this splurging-in-the-sun mentality, there’s a larger demand for bartenders and waiters during this period.

Taking up one of these positions part-time over summer is a great way to make some extra money – especially through tips! You’ll also have the chance to meet new people and work on your customer service skills. If you do a really good job they might ask you to come back next holiday season when they’re rushed off their feet again!

Dog walker/ pet sitter

Now, who doesn’t love a puppy? Dog walking and pet sitting is an ideal way to top up your savings during summer, especially with many pet-owners taking a week-long holiday.

Opportunities of pet sitting also increase during the summer months because of temperature rises – houses can get particularly stuff and pose a risk to our canine friends.

So, if you spend your life tagging friends in cute puppy videos on Facebook, commenting about your ideal pup, why not take up a pet sitting role over summer and enjoy the real thing?

House sitter

Much like pet sitting, some home owners want to employ a house sitter. Typically it’s the owners of the rather luxurious homes that desire a full-time home sitter while they jet off on their holidays throughout summer. However, it’s not always a full time role. A lot of people that need a house sitter might want you to pop round for an hour or so a day to do a bit of dusting, water some plants and just double check that everything is in order. It’s a pretty easy way to make some extra money over summer without having to do a whole lot!

Gold course caddy

Summer season is golfing season! And those that regularly play golf over these warm months might not want to carry all their clubs in the sweltering heat – hey presto the golf course caddy was born! It can be quite a lot of hard work lugging someone’s clubs in the midday heat, but it’s a summer job that will definitely keep you fit and help you get beach-bod ready!

Hotel porter

Hotels often have a lot of jobs going over the summer months due to the increased amount of people taking holidays and mini-breaks. While you could be working as a hotel porter meeting guests and taking their luggage to their rooms, you might also find jobs involving housekeeping.

The summer months also bring more bouts of weddings than any other season. As a result, there may be a variety of roles available at hotels involving functions. You might find yourself re-stocking the bar, moving and dressing tables for swanky meals, polishing cutlery and glasses, or even handing out champagne.

While hotel work can be highly pressurised, you can guarantee you’ll never be bored since there is such a large range of roles available. Plus, hotels often offer very flexible hours since there are breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts and more. Consider yourself a bit of a night-owl? That’s not a problem either; perhaps you can work the bar at a wedding until 2am.


With British summer weather being a combination of warm, sunny and rainy, it’s no surprise that gardens grow wild during this season. As a result, the demand for gardeners is pretty high. So if you fancy getting some exercise in, topping up your tan, and letting your creativity go wild, a part-time gardener job could be your calling.

Gardening can actually lend itself quite well to other career paths. While it’s doesn’t take a genius to mow the lawn, educating yourself in certain types of plants and trees proves that you want to learn about your field of work. In addition, you’ll be able to prove you’re a fast worker if you’re trying to plant some flowers before the rain comes in!

Summer camp counsellor

Don’t fancy a desk job over the summer? A summer camp counsellor could be the job for you! Based in the outdoors, you’ll regularly find yourself working with large parties of kids and adults alike with exciting outdoor activities such as canoeing, orienteering and abseiling.

Usually summer camp counsellor roles require a minimum commitment of six weeks, so bear this in mind when you’re applying for the role. On the plus side, you might find yourself having fun in the outdoors in another part of the country or the world – now that’s how to combine a holiday with an income.


If you’re an animal lover, crave a job outdoors and want to make most of the good summer weather, then getting a summer job as a zookeeper is the one for you.

While working with animals might not be your career goal long-term, working as a zookeeper will offer you plenty experiences and skills that you can carry forward into your job search when looking to find a more permanent position. Caring for animals is a lot of responsibility, especially as they are pretty unpredictable and can get up to plenty of antics! If you can handle looking after endangered species and cleaning out monkey cages, you can pretty much do anything.

Fruit picker

There are plenty of pick-your-own fruit and veggie farms to visit over the summer. But what if someone could pay you to do this? While you might not be picking fruit with your family or friends, or taking those Instagram-worthy snaps, fruit picking is a summer job in demand over the summer months. Not only is there a high demand for produce pickers, but there’s good pay during the peak seasons. It’s the healthy option too as not only does this role involve some light manual labour outdoors, but there will be plenty of fresh fruit for you to chomp down on during your lunch break, too.

Ice cream vender

Summer season is ice cream season! When the weather’s good, working as an ice cream vendor can be a lot of fun and a pretty fast-paced summer job, too. While you might have to keep an eye on your waistline, there are so many soft skills you can learn along the way. You’ll of course develop your customer service skills. As well as your time and task management skills. You’ll be able to test how many ice creams you can serve while working out a customer’s change, in addition to being able to monitor your sauce and sprinkles level!

Theme park attendant

Theme parks are booming over the summer months and it takes a lot of staff to keep these popular attractions running. You could find a part-time summer job at a theme park as a roller coaster attendant, working in a gift shop, serving food, cleaning, or even as a mascot! There’s so many jobs going at these exciting places and you might be able to get some free rides in on your days off too!

Want to browse some part-time jobs for summer? Check out our seasonal jobs.

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