5 signs a job isn’t right for you

We spend a lot of time at work. In fact, if you’re a full-time employee you’ll spend over 2,000 hours a year at work! This means that if you’re spending the majority of your time in a job you dislike, it’s not going to be good news for your wellbeing.

Therefore, it’s important that you enjoy (or even better love) your job. So, if you’re doubting whether your role is right for you, we explain the five tell-tale signs to look out for.

1. It drains your energy

You wake up every morning energetic and raring to go, but an hour into your job you feel like taking a nap on your keyboard. While everyone gets tired from time-to-time, your job shouldn’t make you feel drained. If this feels familiar (and on a daily basis) it might be a sign that something is up.

It’s important that you think about what areas of your job are draining your energy. Is it the long working hours? Stress? Or do you feel bored and unproductive? Getting to the route of the problem is the first step to combatting the issue.

2. There’s no room for growth

If you can’t see a future within your role or company it can affect your motivation and drive. After all, no one wants to feel like they’ve come to a standstill in their career. Instead they want to know there is potential for progression in the company.

Think about whether you’re learning new skills to help you with your chosen path. If career development is valuable to you, it’s important you’re in a job that benefits these goals and contributes towards your overall success. Even if it’s just a small learning curve, it all counts towards you future achievements.

3. You have a tendency to procrastinate

In a recent survey, we asked professionals why they procrastinate at work, 23.3% said it was because they didn’t like their job. Therefore, it’s clear that procrastination can indicate of a bigger issue, including boredom.

If you spend hours of your day procrastinating, whether that’s staring out of the window or browsing the internet to avoid doing work, it’s not a great sign. It suggest that you’re not actually enjoying your work.

Take a proactive step to pinpoint why you’re procrastinating. It might be that you don’t enjoy your daily tasks, have little to do or feel demotivated. Finding the issue is the first step to finding a job that is right for you.

4. Your manager is unsupportive

A supportive manager is important for a positive work environment. If you manager doesn’t show support, whether it’s with work matters, or personal factors that are effecting your work life, there’s a clear problem.

You should feel comfortable enough to address issues with your manager and feel that they respect and listen to you in return. Without this, you may be left feeling undervalued.

What’s more if a serious problem does arise, it can leave you feeling lost on who to turn to. Of course, this is not ideal so if you relate to these feelings it might be time to look for a new position.

5. Your skills feel underutilised

No one wants to feel that their skills are being wasted and underutilised. Playing to your strengths and working on what you’re great at can help you feel driven.

If you feel that you’re not doing the same job you applied for or that your talents are being wasted, it’s a warning sign that the job isn’t right for you. Review your strengths and your key skills to help you decide if your current position is helping to grow and develop your knowledge.

Is your job right for you?

To sum up, if you can relate to any of the signs above it’s an indication that something isn’t quite right. Whether this can be resolved within your current job or you feel you need to change things up by searching for a new position is up to you. Ultimately, you need to decide what path makes you feel most fulfilled and happy!