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Multi-posting and CV-Library Apply

Multi-posting allows your company to post a single vacancy to multiple job boards instantly. Combined with CV-Library Apply, this system enables a simple and reliable interface between candidates and recruiters.

CV-Library Apply

CV-Library Apply is a solution that integrates with our clients' ATSs and makes the application process quicker and easier - it could increase your number of quality applications by 33%!

With CV-Library Apply, we can also offer tailored advice on improving your adverts, resulting in better application conversion rates for your vacancies.

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Recommended suppliers: Post a single vacancy to multiple job boards instantly


Broadbean Technology demonstrates excellent online recruitment solutions and they rank amongst the UK's fastest growing technology companies. Their success has been built on technical innovation, great customer service and a culture that rewards hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.

These qualities have allowed them to continually grow our revenue, invest in our team and develop products that far surpass others in the market. Broadbean continues to create award winning products and focus on improving business workflows and recruitment processes on a global and local level.

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Recruitive is one of the recruitment industry's leading software providers offering unbeatable solutions to effectively manage the hiring process.

Recruitive provides recruitment professionals with innovative software aimed at streamlining the recruitment process; making it quicker, easier and altogether more cost effective to post jobs and manage your candidate responses.

Their award winning products, each designed to work on their own or tightly integrated together to provide a complete solution, will save you significant time and money.

For more information about Recruitive and their products please visit their website:

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Idibu is a leading multi-poster to many respected recruitment companies. Idibu has a range of features, including multi-user access, quota systems to control ad spend, management reporting and applicant tracking. Idibu pride themselves on low costs and removing overheads, whilst still maintaining efficient applications.

Idibu connects to all major RMS providers and CV parsers, is available with iTrack Reporting system and connects easily to your website. Flexibility of payments, contracts and system configuration. Taking a user leaner approach has allowed them to be more flexible and responsive to client requirements.

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Logic Melon

Logic Melon allows you to post your jobs out through a single interface quickly and easily ensuring accuracy and speed to market. It carefully tracks your responses through a single interface gathering all your CVs in one place and allowing you to search a pool of relevant candidates.

Our system is easy to set up, no matter how many users you have, and we can adjust the build to suit your internal recruitment process systems. Speak to our technical team and get the best system set up for your business which will save you time and help you understand where you should be spending your valued advertising budget.

This system will enable your users to post their adverts instantly. Logic Melon's connections spread far and wide from job boards to clients own website or even your database.

For a 2 week FREE Trial, please contact us on +44 (0)808 208 9797 or

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WaveTrackR is an effective job distribution and job board management tool that will allow you to get the most from your media choices. From making more placements to reducing costs, our multi-poster will make advertising on job sites and social media networks, faster and easier.

WaveTrackR additionally tracks the performance and provides analytics to assist you on which job boards you are most likely to make a hire from. With this information, you will then be able to negotiate harder, invest more wisely and stay in complete control of your media.

Find out more about WaveTrackR and the packages today:

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Post & Place

Post & Place is a beautifully simple all-in-one recruitment software designed specifically for modern day employers and recruiters. Our platform allows you to advertise your job vacancies to multiple job boards, social media networks, your careers page, our revolutionary candidate exchange and our recruitment marketplace - all in one post.

Our powerful and user-friendly applicant tracking system lets you manage, track and analyse every candidate application that you receive, making your recruitment process easy.

Create your free account and get posting straight away!

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Multiposting is the leading job posting solution in EMEA and APAC regions. Our platform allows you to advertise your job vacancies to multiple job boards, social media networks, schools and universities with a dedicated customer support.

We work with the leading Recruitment Software, Talent Management and Applicant Tracking Service providers, allowing you to benefit from all the great features of our system, without leaving yours.

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