How to balance St Patrick’s Day and work the next day

If you’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day you’ll most likely be spending your evening dosed up on rather gaudy green beer—although if you’re a true Irishman you’ll probably be steering clear of this American fad, and diving straight into your pint (or three) of Guinness.

St Patrick’s Day falls on Friday 17th March this year, which is a blessing for those that work Monday to Friday because not only is it a short week, but you also won’t have to face work with a sore head the next day!

If you’re a weekend worker though, you may be worrying about facing Saturday morning after your Paddy’s Day celebrations—and believe us, your employer is too. So, to avoid more embarrassment than Trump’s shamrock mix up, here are some things to think about ahead of your Saturday hangover, so both you and your employer can relax and enjoy the festivities.

Book the Saturday off

The obvious answer would be to book the Saturday off work. If your employer’s super generous, they might have already decided to give you the day off work—paid! If not, bite the bullet and take Saturday as annual leave. That way you can enjoy St Patrick’s Day knowing you can spend the next day in bed recovering from the celebrations.

Request flexible hours

After last night’s events, it’s likely you’ll be nursing a hangover and your 3am bed time will leave you wanting an extra hour or two for snoozing. You may be debating calling in sick, but this will have a financial impact on your company and, let’s face it, your employer is likely to see through the lie.

In order to avoid a highly unimpressed manager, why not ask for flexible working hours? Perhaps they’ll allow you a later start time, or maybe you could work the Thursday shift instead of the Saturday? That way, your employer will still be able to get a full working day out of you, and you won’t have to lose a penny or face a disciplinary for pulling a sickie.

Set a curfew

If you turn up to work barely functioning, your employer is going to notice and you’ll probably face consequences. To avoid this, set yourself a curfew for your big night out; this could be a time you want to be home by, or a time you need to stop drinking by.

Setting yourself a curfew might seem a little grandma-ish, but it will help ensure you’re under the limit and safe to drive to work the next day, and that your day at work won’t be a complete waste of time.

Give your employer a heads up

If you know you’re going out on the town for St Patrick’s Day and you definitely have work the next day, the least you can do is give your employer a heads up. It’s probably obvious that you’ll be going out to celebrate with the rest of Ireland, but your employer will appreciate it if you keep them in the loop with your plans.

That way, if you’re not feeling on top form the next day, you don’t have to stumble over a waterfall of excuses and can just get on with your day—just don’t let your partying antics get too crazy, or you could be sent home…

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you now know how to balance your St Patrick’s Day plans and work the next day. Just remember, unless you’ve got the day off or a later start time, don’t make for a wild night, or you could find yourself with more problems than a splitting headache.

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