4 top tips for getting headhunted

Searching for a new role can certainly be time consuming. After all, juggling numerous applications, tailoring every CV and following up with recruiters isn’t a simple five minute job.

But what if we told you there was another way to land a job. One that involves companies finding you. Getting headhunted is a process by which a company or recruiter scouts you based on your skill set and tries to set you up with an opportunity.

While this might sound like it comes down to luck, Ireland’s unemployment rate is at an all-time low, meaning companies need to put themselves out there if they hope to find talented candidates.

Below we offer advice that will help you to open yourself up to these opportunities, by providing our top tips for getting headhunted.

1. Upload your CV to a job board

With so many vacancies to fill, employers can’t afford to sit around and wait for candidates to apply to their jobs. Therefore, many employers also use job boards to search for CVs.

Therefore, if you register your CV on job boards, you have a much better chance of getting headhunted by employers.

Make sure that you write a CV that presents the best version of yourself, showcasing all your key skills and selling points. What’s more, it needs to reflect the type of role you’re looking for. This will ensure you get the most relevant recruiters contacting you.

Another handy tip is to use the right CV keywords that are relevant to your industry. Recruiters will search for candidates by a range of factors, including job title, skills or qualifications. If your CV contains the right keywords, it has a better chance of appearing in search results.

To find relevant keywords, check out job descriptions for roles you’re interested in and look at the skills and type of person they’re asking for. For example, if being a team player is important in the role, you’ll want to mention you can work well in a team on your CV.

2. Update your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is popular with recruiters and it’s a great tool for putting yourself out there as a job hunter. On this professional networking site, it’s possible to let companies know that you’re looking for a role and are available to hire. So be sure to tick the box that says ‘let recruiters know you’re open’!

Now you’ve opened up your profile to be found, you want to ensure that it’s up to date. LinkedIn has a handy rating system, which tells you how strong your profile is. So aim to get to the highest ‘All Star’ level to ensure you’re doing all you can to be found.

Moreover, make sure you use the text box under your profile to describe the industry or job you’re looking for work in. You can also add a sentence here that says ‘available for hire’. This will ensure that recruiters hiring for relevant jobs in your sector will know to contact you.

3. Network

Ever heard the phrase, it’s not what you know, but who you know? This can often be true when looking for jobs. After all, even if your friend doesn’t know about any available roles, their friend or contact might have the ideal opportunity for you. So shout about the fact that you’re looking for a job, even if it’s someone you get talking to on a train – it’s all important.

Now take this one step further by following people in your industry on social media sites. You could even follow the type of people they follow. By widening your network, you open yourself up to more opportunities.

And while social media is a great tool, it’s good to network in person too. So why not attend events or careers fairs relevant to your industry. Recruiters will be looking for talent at these events and even if they don’t have an opportunity for you at the moment, they may be a great connection in the future.

4. Stay on top of industry trends

In the digital age, many industries are changing fast. So, make sure you keep on top of the latest news and trends occurring in your industry.

If you’re aware of recent developments, you can get involved with related discussions. For example, many people will have discussions on social media sites such as Twitter. Or, they may share articles and opinions on important topics.

If you say something interesting, you might get yourself noticed and begin to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You may find you make some connections to add to your LinkedIn network. Or, you could even come across someone who is looking for a passionate individual such as yourself for their company.

Do you know how to get headhunted?

If you want to make finding your next role a little easier, take our top tips on board. If you can focus on these, you’ll be able to open yourself up to many exciting opportunities and you might find yourself getting headhunted quicker than you think!

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